The movie “Blue” emphasizes to the various sequences Julie D Coursey faces in achieving liberty from her emotions and grieve.
The story begins with a major disturbance in Julie’s life, i.e. she loses her husband and daughter in an accident. She gets hospitalized and because of her depression and grieve, she tries to attempt suicide, but finally gives up.
She tries various ways to get rid of the world and escapes from her loneliness; meanwhile she mates a man who was in love with her. She frequently meets her mother, who is old but adventurous. She then shifts to a different place, quite away from her residence where she meets new people. She prefers staying away from children as it reminds her of her child and family. But unfortunately, she finds baby mice in her house and gets them killed. Later she feels guilty for this behavior. Julie meets a person, the eye witness of her accident. He returns back her chain, which he had picked up at the accident site. But she refuses to accept it.
Julie’s husband Patrice was a musician; he got credits for the “Unification Song” which was actually composed by Julie. But she refused to reveal this to the media.
In the course of the film, Julie is motivated by various people to recompose the song. Meanwhile she gets in contact with her husband’s mistress and doesn’t react back on knowing that she is conceiving. In the entire movie, she is expressionless; she hides her emotions in blue waters. Finally she overcomes her grief and stabilizes herself to compose the song.
There are various scenes in this movie which depict liberty i.e. she mating her friend is a way of escaping from sexual loneliness, she refusing for the chain shows that she doesn’t want to get bonded with relationships and the eagerness of the foetus to come into the world depicts the liberty it wants from the womb. And at this moment Julie is touched with all her life experience and finally sheds tears.
The movie has a slow background music which adds to the effects and feelings of grief. The color blue is repeatedly shown to emphasize liberty. In totality, a very depressing but meaningful movie.



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